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Bankruptcy Law

Thinking about filing for bankruptcy? A lawyer can guide you through the process.

Chapter 7

Find out if Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is right for your financial situation.

Landlord-Tenant Law

If you need to evict a tenant, talk to a landlord lawyer about your options. We can provide everything you need from the proper notice to the post judgement collection.

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If you're facing a complex legal situation, you don't have to deal with it on your own. Whether you're drowning in debt or your tenants are skipping rent, the Law Offices of Stirling J Hopson can help. Attorney Hopson is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer and landlord lawyer in the Brea, CA area. He will make sure your case is handled properly from beginning to end.

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Why should you hire the Law Offices of
Stirling J Hopson?

When you need a Landlord or Bankruptcy lawyer, turn to the Law Offices of Stirling J Hopson. Attorney Hopson will work tirelessly on your case. Clients in Brea, CA, Orange County and Los Angeles choose him because:

  • Practicing since 1992 in the Southern CA area
  • He offers competitive pricing for the area
  • Personal one-on-one consultations

When you hire Attorney Hopson, you can expect complete honesty, constant communication and compassionate legal representation. Your case is in good hands with him.