Your Tenants' Excuses Don't Pay the Bills

Your Tenants' Excuses Don't Pay the Bills

Get help from Stirling Hopson, a landlord-tenant law firm in Brea, CA

Every month your tenants come up with new reasons why they can't pay the rent. You're sympathetic, but you have your own bills to pay each month. You can't afford to provide free housing. The Law Offices of Stirling J Hopson can help you remove an irresponsible tenant without hassle. Attorney Hopson is an expert in landlord-tenant law and will help you navigate the eviction process. Stirling Hopson is located in Brea, CA.

Attorney Hopson has a proven track record as an effective eviction lawyer in Southern CA since 1992. Stirling Hopson has handled thousands of eviction cases located in Brea, CA. Call 714-257-3500 now to arrange for a consultation regarding your Landlord-Tenant case.

Evict a problem tenant quickly

The eviction process doesn't have to be complicated. When you hire an Stirling Hopson as your eviction lawyer, he will...

  • Provide the correct forms
  • Prepare all the eviction paperwork
  • File your case at the local courthouse
  • Argue the case for evicting your tenant
  • Collect back rent

Soon, you'll be able to get a new tenant and start getting rent payments again.